Best Version of You

Whom You Mean To Be

is dedicated to assisting you become the best version of you. We review products and other websites that can help support you to achieve that goal.
Best Version of Yourself

Becoming your best self can benefit every area of your life

  • Increase income
  • Improving relationships with yourself and others
  • Overcoming internal and external obstacles to reach your goals
  • Clarifying your life’s passions either personal or within your career
  • Improved health either through exercise/healthier eating or both
  • Learning the skills to reduce your stress in your life
  • Become happier within your life in general

The world of personal development touches everyone’s life and globally we are much more aware of the benefits of reflection and adaptation. That being said each person is unique and not all programs suit every person.   I myself have been involved for over 30 years in developing myself and my clients to achieve their lives work.

Please explore this website and read the content with an open mind.   If something connects with you then research it further by following the links that will take you to other websites and information.

Various Tools

Below are a list of various tools that you may find helpful to assist you on your journey to becoming the best version of you

  • Get a Life Coach
  • Enroll in online programs
  • Find a Mentor – this can be someone you look up to in your friend group or someone at work
  • Try a taster session at your local college
  • Sign up for a week or weekend course
  • Explore the internet
  • Speak to other friends that you have noticed changed aspects of their lives
  • Explore your local library in the Personal Development section and see if anything book titles tweak your interest
  • Attend some webinars on your PC – there will be some reviews of these in due course
  • Read biographies – you often find that these can be very inspirational and gives you an insight to others minds