How to Motivate Yourself

One of the ways to of how to motivate yourself is to get a Life Coach

How to motivate myself

When most people think about coaches they often think of Sports Coaches whom are there helping their client within a specific sport to reach beyond their personal – which is true for all coaches but Life Coaches are more attuned to what works for their client within the different areas of their life  – its much more personal and they will be able to get you to look at how to motivate yourself.

Getting a life coach can seem a very daunting prospect but it is so worth it.  Unlike the USA the English people are further behind in the numbers of people that have experienced the benefit of hiring a life coach – maybe it is the stiff upper lip.

The best way to find a coach is through recommendations or through a life coach directory  – I personally have worked with Julie Rowe whom is a Strategic Interventionalist Life Coach. This type of coach has been developed by Tony Robbins .

So what does a life coach do – They will work with you to clarify what is the best action for you to take to reach your goals

Not sure what you goals are – again, working with a life coach will help you to work out what is missing in your life and what areas you need to work on.  You may also find that as you work on specific problems on  or goals of your life you will find that this will benefit other areas – as each person is a whole person with many different facets that contribute to your happiness.

Different types of Coach

  • Business
  • Career development
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Weight-loss

A Life coach can either work with all of the above or some specialise in one particular area.

What happens in a coaching session – that does depending on the coaches training and the setting as some coaches will work with the clients face to face, over the telephone or via skype

A typical session will be revisiting what you have achieved since your last session and then looking at the next steps to reach your goals.  A lot of coaches will reach an agreement with the clients on what things the coachee will work on between sessions i.e apply for an agreed number of jobs.  This enables the, both to reflecting back on what worked and what didn’t and the coach will develop tools and strategies with the client.  Most session will be between 3 to six session depending on the areas of the clients life that they want to work on